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Red + Blue - 2015

3rd year film at UCLA - Matt Groening Fellowship Recipient

ToonBoom Harmony

Dinosaur friends Red and Blue can't agree on how to decorate for a friend's birthday. In their bickering, they learn the true meaning of compromise.

9 and Counting - 2014

2nd year film at UCLA

TV Paint

While exploring an Egyptian tomb, Bastet the cat discovers an unsettling truth.

Dog Prom - 2013

1st year film at UCLA

Animated on paper, clean/up color in TV Paint.

Deeply inspired by John Hughes movies - All Bernard wants is to dance with a girl - will he get that chance?

Rabbit 3D Zoetrope

Sculpture - Clay, Fabric, Moss, Foam, Bark and Motor

Sculpted 24 rabbit sculptures and figured out how to replicate Toy Story zoetrope 


Kyle McKeever responsible motor and brown base for the zoetrope

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